Racetrac Swirl World Yogurt Bar Review, Acworth GA

Swirl World frozen yogurt comes with more than 40 toppings and features a beer cave with 50 plus brands and free wireless internet and gives neighborhood one-stop shop experience. Here is a review of newly opened Racetrac Swirl World.

February 10, 2012 by  Chris Cannon

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When most of us think of a sweet treat, we think of going to grab a Blizzard at Dairy Queen, a cone at Baskin Robbins, or maybe a carton of Ben & Jerry’s, depending on the occasion that calls for the treat at hand. Perhaps Ben & Jerry know how to help you through a break-up, but Dairy Queen knows how to help you celebrate your kid’s victory in his basketball game. But there is an unlikely new player on the field of dairy products: Racetrac.

Racetrac Swirl World Interior Flip burger's Beautiful Dining room.

That’s right: Racetrac. The gas station. At their new prototype location on Glade Road in Acworth, Racetrac has incorporated, in addition to their café and breakfast and lunch items, a yogurt bar. Now, after you fill up your gas tank, you can fill up your belly with a creamy treat. Dubbed Swirl World, Racetrac’s yogurt bar is as tantalizing as it is seemingly out of place. In fact, I swear I hear it call out for me at night as I lay in bed, trying to sleep. I was originally skeptical, and came in only because I had a coupon for free yogurt. My mind was quickly changed. Instantly, in fact.

Swirl World Interior Racetrac Swirl World Outside View.

As soon as that red velvet cake ice cream touched my tongue, I was a believer. And then I discovered the birthday cake ice cream. And then the swirl; a tasty amalgamation of both cake-based flavors rolled into one. The cake swirl is by far my favorite, but they are all delicious. Not only is the flavor astounding, but the texture of the frozen yogurt is noteworthy as well.

When I hear the term “frozen yogurt”, I’m often reminded of sherbet, and of an almost crunchy, icy texture. But this frozen yogurt at Swirl World, my friend, is much smoother, like ice cream. Swirl World’s yogurt is a chilly, velvet burst of flavor on your tongue. Their topping station offers 38 toppings, varying from Twizzlers to animal crackers, and they offer ten flavors of their signature frozen yogurt: French vanilla, double chocolate, Reese’s, dulce de leche, cookies ‘n cream, red velvet cake, celebration cake, blueberry acai tart, mango tango sorbet, and coffee. You can also combine several different combinations into a swirl, getting the best of both worlds if it comes down to a tiebreaker decision.

Swirl World Logo Racetrac Swirl World Logo.

In addition to Swirl World and its creamy and flavorful delights, the Racetrac in which it’s housed is worth noting. The employees greet you with a smile and willingness to help found in few other places. The windows are spotless. The brand new marble floors sparkle. It is an impressive business, and it feels like much more than a gas station. It feels like a store. It feels like an ice cream shop. It feels like a café. I think this was what Racetrac was going for in this prototype store, and I think they accomplished their mission with perfection. Their many different blends of coffee are a fine compliment to the frozen yogurt, especially to the original vanilla flavor. Or if you don’t feel like drinking coffee, but could go for the flavor, you could always try their coffee flavored frozen yogurt!

Dairy Queen, step aside. There may be a new candidate aspiring to the throne of the dairy kingdom. Can Swirl World be crowned king? Time will tell. But with their high quality products and café-style environment, and with their variety of individual flavors and seemingly infinite number of combinations of them, I think I can safely assert that Swirl World will soon ascend to the throne and reign as supreme monarch of ice cream and related goodies.

This review is written by Chris Cannon, Contributing Writer

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