Sushi Tomi Japanese Restaurant, Peach Tree City, GA Review

The Only Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Peachtree City. You've already fallen in love with Japanese Cuisine, so why not try the very Heart of its Origins!?

April 13, 2012 by  Sam Gabel

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Imagine a sushi bar where everyone knows your name.  That’s what Sushi Tomi is.  Especially when all the Japanese corporations located in Peachtree City take the extra mile out of their way to stop by for a quick lunch break.  

Sushi Tomi Entrance Sushi Tomi Entrance.

When you live in Peachtree City, you know where Tavern on 74 is because you need to drink and have a good time!  You know where Carlos’s Salon is, because you want an outstanding Buckhead level of service!  But you may not know of the hidden treasure that Sushi Tomi is in a suburban chest where there are more “Japanese” restaurants than there are McDonald’s.  So stop in for a quick hello and feel free to grab one of their to-go menus.

The Only Thing That's Missing is Kirstie Alley-San The Only Thing That's Missing is Kirstie Alley-San.

Discover why the personnel of Hoshizaki, Yamaha, TDK, Rinnai, and Panasonic all prefer Sushi Tomi—because it’s authentically Japanese!  Yes, we all have those cravings that hit us (it’s almost like an addiction really). . . for spicy tuna.  But you can get that at any sushi bar, and just like that first step into uncharted territory of Japanese cuisine—you fall in love with it.  So take another step and give Sushi Tomi a try, and you’ll see why this establishment has the most loyal following.

Crispy Conch Crispy Conch.

From a rotating schedule of unique lunch bento-boxes, these lunch specials accentuate daring side dishes such as Ika Geso (perfectly-battered tempura styled squid legs) and Hamachi Kama (one of the tastiest and most delicate part of the yellowtail: its cheek).  Lunch is fast paced like it’s meant to be: efficient, scrumptious, and an instant transport to what it must feel like working for the corporate machine in the heart of Tokyo.

Dinner service is like a great cut of exotic Toro: savory, intimate, and slowly melts in your mouth.  When you’re first presented an ohtoshi, which is a traditional Japanese custom to welcome guests with an appetizer on the house to open and cleanse their palette for the dinner that will ensue.  And just from this alone, you already know you’re officially a part of the Sushi Tomi family.

Trust Me Its Delicious. Trust Me Its Delicious.

Dinners Wine Special Dinners Wine Special.

Unlike the atmosphere other sushi establishments pursue, Sushi Tomi presents itself with a distinct, laid-back “mi casa es su casa” vibe.  It’s no wonder that Sushi Tomi’s top-selling roll is the Tomi’s “Trust Me” Roll.  Because once you’ve experienced a Sushi Tomi dining experience, it brings you back to your very first bite of a California roll: you instinctually know you’re hooked for life.

But as any sushi lover knows, this exotic craze can drive your budget right into the loony bin.  From Mondays to Thursdays, they provide a half off discount any bottle of wine, which provides the perfect opportunity to try out that South African Chenin Blanc or Argentinean Malbec.  Not a wine drinker?  No problem.  Come in for Happy Hour which starts from its 5:30 opening to 7:00 pm when there are several discounts ranging from half-off discounts on certain rolls and a few bucks here and there off of certain Japanese tapas like Fried Oysters and the best Crispy Calamari served with its in-house made, highly-demanded Spicy Mayonnaise that meticulously blends mayonnaise with garlic, wasabi, light soy, spicy sesame oil, and Sriracha hot sauce.

Ika Shoga You Gotta Try It to Believe It Ika Shoga You Gotta Try It to Believe It.

Osaka Box Style Rolls Osaka Box Style Rolls.

As you’re slowly eased into its expansive menu that translates Japanese menu items into English descriptions, you know you’re in the best made hands to prepare your fish.  Two of my favorite all-time favorite small plates are “chopsticks-down” the Crispy Conch and Ika Shoga.  We all try a place out by trying its calamari, but eating conch is like the memory of your first promotion from tuna to snapper.  The conch with its delicate smoothness combined with Panko breading packs the perfect crunch of its unique texture and the creamy kick of the spicy mayo.

A Sample Ohtoshi A Sample Ohtoshi.

Now for the Ika Shoga, it will open new sensations and awareness in your mouth that you never knew you were even capable of.  Pan seared to create that smoky crust on top of the whole squid, a drizzle of ponzu sauce livens it up with its citrusy soy flavor.  Add a dash of scallions and freshly grated ginger; you have this montage of flavors and aromas that send your mouth to a state of ecstatic awe.

For the one roll I can’t find anywhere else, Sushi Tomi carries a special style of sushi-preparation called the Osaka-Box Style Roll.  This specific preparation requires meticulous layering of its complimentary ingredients, which is then pressed, and then cut into a beautiful, rectangular result rather than the usual circular mold.  As I do sport a veteran palette when it comes to sushi, “The Battera” carries just the perfect amount of consistency in its rice vinegar, and with the sharp bite from the lightly salted mackerel on top combined with the sweet, vinegary crunch from the yamagobo inside, my taste buds are soaring straight to the Tsukuji Market.

The One and Only Traditional Japanese Lunch Bento The One and Only Traditional Japanese Lunch Bento.

After my meal, I am given a Sushi Tomi Frequent-Diner’s Card with a stamp on it.  After you completely fill all remaining spaces, you are rewarded with a 15 percent discount on your next meal.  And like my Banana Republic Credit Card’s Reward Program, I have no doubt it will take me no time at all to max it out.

Hours of Operation
Mondays to Fridays
Lunch: 11:30 am. – 2:00 pm.
Mondays to Thursdays
Dinner: 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm.
Fridays and Saturdays
Dinner: 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm.

Address:  286 Georgia 74 Peachtree City, GA 30269
Phone Number:  (770) 631 – 1108

Sam Gabel is a published author for Alyson Publishing’s anthology series, 2008, and achieved second place in AtalentScout National Screenwriting Competition, 2003. Preferring to write short stories, he is the winner the Pomegranate Words Short Story Contest, 2001. He currently lives in Atlanta.

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