Shish Kabob Mediterranean Grill Restaurant Review, Marietta GA

Shish Kabob offers different types of kabobs that were offered, ranging from steak, beef and tenderloin apart from gyros and has a hookah bar.Here is a review of Shish Kabob by a local foodie.

June 21, 2012 by  Dpeezy E

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One of the most delectable types of sandwiches I have tasted in my travels around the world is the gyro.  I believe that there is not a right or wrong way to prepare a gyro, as it comes in many different variations depending on where you go. However, I do believe that there are some which are better than others based not on the combination of ingredients that go into the gyro itself, but more on how the ingredients themselves are prepared.

Shish Kabob Inside View
Shish Kabob Inside View

On that note, me and my Egyptian friend was on a mission to find a well prepared gyro and decided to find a restaurant that was “closer to home.” That is when we came across Shish Kabob, a restaurant owned and operated by individuals of Arab descent.  Therefore naturally, I went in with high expectations as the gyro originated around the Mediterranean area.

•    Style: Lunch, Dinner
•    Dress: Casual
•    Atmosphere: lively and quite festive
•    Price Range: $
•    Great For: Dinner with friends and family
•    Specialties: Mediterranean dishes and a hookah bar
•    Kids: yes
•    Vegetarian Options: decent

I walked into Shish Kabob and was immediately immersed in the culture. My Egyptian friend told me that he could tell just from a single glance that the restaurant was filled with customers from many different regions of the Middle East. The restaurant also provided a hookah section for those wanting to participate in a smoke while they ate, drank, or just simply entertain themselves with idle conversation. 

Shish Kabob Seating Area
Shish Kabob Seating Area

We were shown to a table by a pleasant and lovely hostess and given our menus. As the name of the restaurant suggested, there were a number of different types of kabobs that were offered, ranging from steak, beef, tenderloin, etc. However, we were here for the gyros, which astonishingly came at such a low price. The low price kind of made me skeptical of the quality, yet we he ordered two lamb gyros, a drink and some chips.

Shish Kabob Menu
Shish Kabob Menu

The gyros arrived and almost no time at all, hot and ready to be devoured. I took a bite and immediately my mind was set into analyze mode. The gyro was in no way short of delicious, for it excelled where others have failed. The meat showed out mostly in the gyro more than anything. It was nice and tender, as lamb should be. Also there was plenty of it in the sandwich! At first I was not able to see the meet because of the vegetable, but after the first bite, the vegetables gave way to nice amount of meat.

Shish Kabob Gyro
Shish Kabob Gyro

The meat was up to par, however, there are more things that go into making a gyro. One the other important factor is the sauce. The sauce that was on this gyro in particular was not the best that I have ever tasted, but, there wasn’t much of it to begin with. Other gyros I have tasted either had a lot of good tasting sauce on the gyro with a small amount of meat, or a lot of moderately good tasting sauce with a moderate amount of meat. This gyro had a small amount of below average tasting sauce and a lot of meat, and I my opinion, it all balanced out. All in all, we ultimately enjoyed our meal and left with full stomachs and were relatively satisfied.

Shish Kabob buffet station
Shish Kabob Buffet Station

Shish Kabob Mediterranean is great if you want to indulge yourself in Middle Eastern culture, smoke a bit of hookah, or try some nice Mediterranean dishes. Low prices, decent food, and nice people definitely make this a place to have visit more than once.

962 Roswell St Se,
 Marietta, GA 30060

(770) 499-7399

Hours of Operation:
Mon-thurs: 11am – 9:30pm
Fri & sat: 11am – 10:30pm
Sunday: 12 noon – 9:30pm

Shish Kabob Mediterranean Grill Restaurant Review is written by Dpeezy E

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