Pacific Buffet Kennesaw Restaurant Review

If you are craving for good Chinese food and crab legs, Pacific Buffet located near Town Center mall in Kennesaw is an option to consider. Here is a review of Pacific Buffet.

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This review is written by Julie D.

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Located near Town Center mall in Kennesaw, Pacific Buffet is a hidden gem. It is an all you can eat buffet that features authentic Asian items as well as more Americanized Asian-style dishes. It is a cheap but delicious option for lunch or dinner on any day.

Earlier today, my family and I decided to get together for lunch to escape the leftovers from the holidays. We were looking for somewhere casual and cheap, yet still delicious and filling. While brainstorming of places to go, my mom mentioned that she and her friends had gone to lunch at this great Chinese buffet after a long day of shopping at Town Center. It didn’t take much convincing for us to decide to head over and try it out.

Pacific Buffet Sushi Grill
Pacific Buffet Sushi Grill

When we arrived at the parking lot, I was quite surprised by the exterior of the building. There were two giant horse structures outside the main door that would have made the restaurant seem expensive and upscale, but there was a banner hanging across the front of the building displaying the prices for the buffet, which I felt was rather tacky. However, right when you enter, you will definitely feel like you are somewhere that costs a lot more than it actually does. When you first walk in through the doors, you walk over a bridge that has a big stone waterfall on either side. The entrance is absolutely gorgeous, something you would see at a 5 star restaurant.

There is a hostess stand right when you enter the actual dining area. We had to wait a few minutes before a hostess walked up and seated us. This was our first experience of the poor service at this restaurant. Once she brought us to a table, our waitress asked us what we would like to drink. My family just ordered typical drinks (water, coke, etc.) but I wouldn’t have expected them to have any kind of specialty drinks. We left to fill our plates and by the time we were back, the drinks had been brought and placed at our table.

The selection at the buffet was absolutely incredible. There is a whole section of just sushi. It was very fresh and there was a sushi chef right behind the counter so you could request certain rolls to be made specifically for you if you were interested in that. There is also a hibachi grill with many different meats and vegetables available. However, they only had a choice of two sauces and it wasn’t really made clear what the sauces were or tasted like. The other items aside from the sushi and hibachi were very typical of other Chinese buffets. They had items such as fried noodles, sweet and sour soup, and various salads and desserts and such.

Pacific Buffet Sushi Grill Inside View
Pacific Buffet Sushi Grill Inside View
There was also a large selection of seafood such as boiled crawfish and grilled salmon. Because we went for lunch, they did not have out the more expensive items that are on the dinner menu. From what I understand, dinner has mainly the same dishes with the addition of more seafood such as crab legs and raw oysters. Overall, the menu was very similar to other Chinese buffets I have been to, but the quality of the food was definitely higher than most. All the foods seemed to be at the right temperature and all tasted the way I would have expected it to.

The only complaint I have about this restaurant is that the service was very poor. There were around four sitting areas throughout the restaurant, each seating about 40 people. I noticed that in our area, there were only two waiters/waitresses that were only there about 50% of the time. My glass was empty quite a few times and I even had to ask for water before anyone noticed that I needed a refill. However, the staff was very kind and they didn’t seem to be offended by any requests. I believe that they may have been surprised by the holiday rush because my mom did mention that the restaurant was a lot more crowded than the last time she had gone.
Pacific Buffet Sushi Grill Buffet Station
Pacific Buffet Sushi Grill Buffet Station

The price for our meal was incredible. The total before tax and tip was $6.99 a person. The amount of sushi I ate would definitely have been over $20 just for myself at any normal sushi restaurant! This price is only for lunch on weekdays, but I think during its most expensive time (dinner on a weekend) it is still only around $12 a person. That price includes all you can eat crab legs (which I’ve heard is delicious here!) and many other more expensive items that are not on the usual menu.

Overall, Pacific Buffet was a great experience. It was very inexpensive and the food was delicious. I just hope that they work on their customer service a little more because other than that, our family lunch was perfect!

Pacific Buffet
2475 Chastain Meadows Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 423-2238

This review is written by Julie D.

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