Atlanta Perimeter Mall -What to Do and Where to Eat

Perimeter Mall is home to The Best Shopping, Dining and Entertainment in Atlanta, Geogia. Learn about what to do in the mall including shopping destinations, dining options, restaurants and things to-do near the mall.

April 22, 2012 by  Emily Hunter

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Perimeter Mall is the second-largest mall in Georgia and is surrounded by fantastic eateries and shops. You can find all the common big box stores, but it's the little shops that really draw crowds to an area and make it unique. With nearly 200 shops and eateries in the area outside the mall, there's plenty to explore! Perimeter Mall is located just north of 285 on Ashford-Dunwoody road and accessiible by the MARTA red line at Dunwoody Station. Parking can be complex on the weekends, but on a weekday it’s extremely easy to get to when you want to have a little shopping fun. It's an upscale neighborhood without being too expensive like Buckhead. Let's take a look at some of the shops in the area and see what we can find.

perimeter mall View
Dunwoody Perimeter Mall View by Peter Kaminski

The Mall:

The first place you should visit is the mall itself. Perimeter Mall is the second largest mall in Georgia with over 200 stores inside the building and four anchor stores. Dillard's, Macy's, and Nordstrom are the current anchor stores, with Von Maur opening this year. Unless you're needing something very specific, you're likely going to find this place to be a one-stop-shop for scratching the shopping itch.

There are thirty restaurants and cafes scattered in the mall. The food court is huge with plenty of seating, and there are a few standard restaurants that surround the property if you want something a little more traditional. The Cheesecake Factory serves far more than just cheesecake, with over 200 items on the menu covering a wide range of American food. Still, get their cheesecake for dessert anyway. It's delicious. Another restaurant that's nearby is Goldfish. Goldfish is a seafood restaurant that also offers sushi if you want a little Japanese flavor. Maggiano's Little Italy is rapidly becoming a well-known Italian chain that still offers good eats. Finally, if you're in the mood for fine dining there's Seasons 52, a grill and wine bar that uses natural cooking techniques and over 140 wines on the menu.


Near the mall is one of the few REIs in the city. If outdoor travel is in your future then this is a must-stop place. Atlanta is full of hiking trails along the Chattahoochee and the North Georgia mountains hold many more recreational opportunities. If that interests you at all then you can get all the gear you'd need from REI and then some.

REI has camping and travel gear for all seasons and conditions. They also have a lot of specialty items such as books, trail guides, freeze-dried food, and climbing ropes. The staff there are all extremely knowledgable about outdoor fun in the local area and can teach you how to avoid pitfalls in your plans. REI also holds regular classes on outdoor topics. Also, if you become a member you can take advantage of their yearly member discount sale, which can really get you a good deal on a well-built sleeping bag, tent, or even a kayak.

Cafe Intermezzo:

Cafe Intermezzo is a perfect place to wind down after a long day of shopping. This is one of the best coffeehouses in the city, with a very European design and atmosphere. Fair warning: this place will spoil you off of Starbucks forever. Fortunately, there are seven different locations in the city. Be sure you have the right one when asking for directions!

They serve far more than just coffee. There's over 100 kinds of pastries and snacks to match whatever kind of coffee, tea, or alcohol you desire. You can even get absinthe here if you want to try something really exotic. They also have a full service restaurant if you want something a little more substantial after all that walking around. It's also an excellent place to take a date. The cozy settings make it perfect for having a romantic encounter. Nothing like good coffee and intimate conversation to get to know someone better.

Here is another look at popular restaurants around perimeter mall.

Top Ten Restaurants Near Perimeter Mall, Atlanta, Georgia

Coupons and Deals by Merchants in Dunwoody area and Perimeter Mall


Alon bakery dunwoody
Alon bakery dunwoody

If coffee isn't what your craving, head down the street to Alon's Bakery and Market. Think of it like an extremely upscale version of Fresh Market. Cheese lovers take note: if you're looking for an excellent cheese, this is the place to go to find it and the right breads, olives, and crackers to go with it. They have over 120 varieties of cheese in stock from all over the world, but they have far more than cheese here. Desserts and lunch service are available so you can try out the dishes before you take them to go. They also have a bakery that accepts orders in advance for pickup when you really want that special loaf or cookies that you'll fall in love with after trying them. The prices can be extremely high for certain items, but when you want that special Drunken Goat cheese from Spain right now, this place will have your fix.


For those who like the natural look, LUSH is the place to go. They make  soaps and cosmetics all onsite using the safest and finest ingredients possible. They have a very green business model. None of their products are tested on animals, nor do they do business with any supplier who does it. If you have problems with allergies or want to try a new kind of soap check out LUSH's offerings.

Falcons 365:

Falcons fans, this is where you want to go to get licensed goods. This store is owned by the same company that owns the Falcons, so they've got a complete selection of jerseys, hats, mens and womens clothing, and even those big foam hands that say number one. If you want something specific they can probably get it for you quickly. A good place to take your husband after a long day of shoes and clothes.

There's plenty of other niche and not-so-niche shops in the area for you to explore. Far more than this small article can provide. The best thing to do is to just go there early on a Saturday and begin walking until either your legs or your wallet give out. Go and enjoy yourself!

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