Atlanta's 9 Best Popcorn spots

Do you like gourmet popcorn? Check out these places in the city.

May 17, 2012 by  Emily Hunter

Popcorn is the most-consumed snack food in the world. It's sold all over Atlanta, but only a few places try to gussy it up beyond the standard movie flavors. First there was cheddar and caramel up in Chicago, and then it blossomed out to a huge variety of flavors and glazes. These specialty flavors are what draw people back to "gourmet popcorn". In Atlanta, there are a few places that serve this style. Some only have a few flavors, while others are devoted to the practice of making the perfect popcorn. Here are a few places in Atlanta where you can get your hands on all the sweet and savory kernels you could ever want.


1.Bentley's Popcorn:

No physical storefront to my knowledge, but they do make their product locally in Peachtree City and they ship out all over the US to some pretty high-class clientèle. They only have two flavors: Toffee Caramel and Butter Pecan, but all they really need cause they're that good. You can order a tin through their website and really impress your coworkers; each tin is packed with single-serving bags.

2.Popcorn Palladium:

Located off of Buford Highway, Popcorn Palladium serves up several unique flavors of gourmet popcorn. Some of their more unusual flavors include Salt & Vinegar, Buffalo Wing, Black Cherry, and Watermelon. They give free samples too. This is the place to really experience a truly different flavor than the standard fruit varieties.

3.Tiffany's Popcorn Cafe:

This place just opened, so their website is pretty minimal. Don't let that stop you from visiting! A sample of popcorn flavors include Strawberry Daquri, Smores, White Chocolate Pretzel Peppermint, Pumpkin Spice, and Caramel Amaretto.  Besides popcorn, they also serve gelato and Italian ice. Bit of an odd combination to have that in a popcorn shop, but it seems to work for them! 

4.Cake Cafe Atlanta:

While this place is know for, well, cakes, they also have a pretty good gourmet popcorn selection too. There's nothing particularly unique about the flavors but all the major standards are there. Unusual ones to try are Pizza, Sour Cream & Chives, and Spicy butter.

5.The Porter Beer Bar:

Only one popcorn variety, but the Salt & Vinegar popcorn is raved about on Yelp. 80 different reviews on it and the majority are positive? There must be something special for it to get that much press!

6.The Original Chocolate Bar:

Only three flavors, but it is gourmet! Their base popcorn is seasoned with Madras Curry Smoked Sea Salt. For an additional cost, you can also get black truffle or white chocolate flavors. Very swank, and a good addition to their amazing chocolates.

7.Morelli's Gourmet Ice Cream & Desserts:

They don't have popcorn; but they sometimes have popcorn-flavored ice creams! Their Sweet Corn flavor tastes like kettle corn, and the Amaretto Popcorn is also great. The only downside is that their flavors rotate quickly, so you might want to call ahead if you're set on popcorn.

8.New Orleans SnoBall Cafe:

Another place that serves popcorn on the side, but they have several savory flavors that cater to Cajun roots. Curry Spice, Lemon Garlic, and their Slap Ya Mamma! hot flavor are sure to please if you're looking for something that isn't sweet. Of course, they do have plenty of sweet varieties as well.


Chicago seems to have their own special flavor of caramel and cheddar popcorn mixed together. This place in the Underground specializes in this mix, with a few variations on spicing. If your gourmet tastes are simple then it might be worth checking out, but only if you like cheddar and caramel.

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