All You Can Eat Brunch in Atlanta Part 3: Brunch

In the third part of our five-part series, we'll show you some places where you can find all-you-can-eat brunches.

May 01, 2012 by  Emily Hunter

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You've partied hard on Saturday. Maybe you went to a concert at Verizon or had Jagerbombs at Manuel's until the bartender drove you home. You sleep way late and wake up with a hangover. The breakfasts are gone, and now you've got to find a brunch place that's going to give you all the food you need to shake off your massive headache. Thankfully, there are some excellent all-you-can-eat brunches in the city. In our continuing series on All You can eat in Atlanta, we'll go over some of the most interesting and mouth-watering spots to pick up a hangover cure, or just a quick bite to eat.

Yummy Brunch at the Cafe Jonah
Yummy Brunch at the Cafe Jonah

1. Cafe Jonah and the Magical Attic - Buckhead

Now this is a funky place, with a funky idea. They have an All You can eat brunch buffet where you get to choose the price. The vibe of the spot is a combination of small cafe, coffeehouse, and new age shop. They've been open for over a year now, so they're doing something right! 10% of the proceeds get donated to charity. After your brunch, you can go upstairs and get your cards read by one the psychics. Try getting a reiki healing to shake off the last bit of ick from your hangover.

2. Park 75 - Midtown

Going a completely different direction, this famous upscale restaurant at the Four Seasons in Midtown has a fantastic brunch buffet. It's definitely not cheap ($45 a person) and there's a business-casual dress code, but you can get some really swank brunch food here. Lots of seafood like tuna tartar and clams await your tongue. Manned crepe and omlette stations are ready to make you your own special meal. Nutella crepes are awesome, as well as mac and cheese with crab meat. During Easter, they have a special brunch with even more fantastic offerings, such as a pink strawberry-chocolate fountain and a flourless carrot cake. A great place to go if you've got money and you need recovery food of an upscale sort.

3. Copelands - Kennesaw

This Cajun place serves up a mean brunch with live jazz to boot. For about $20 a person you can get eggs benedict, red beans and rice, and some really rich cheese grits. They also have a chocolate fountain with fruit for dessert. Omlettes can be made to order, and include a craw-fish variety that's really good. It gets crowded pretty quickly, so show up early if you want to avoid the Sunday rush. It may not quite be like New Orleans, but rich and spicy food is always good the morning after for me.

There's plenty of places in Atlanta where you can get a standard brunch, but some places make it worth your while with an unusual offering. These local businesses offer far more than any Denny's would in their brunch offerings. Take some time to explore these local eateries and see if you can't find a new hangover cure.

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