All Yogo Ono frozen yogurt, Kennesaw GA review

All Yogo Ono frozen yogurts offers many varieties of yogurt and you can choose as many flavors and 30+ toppings. Here is a review of Yogo Ono frozen yogurt.

February 17, 2012 by  Lacey M

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Feel like a kid again in this modern (and healthy) spin on the sunday you loved when you were a kid! The clear and white interior exemplify only shine and light as you step into Yogo Ono. The menu IS your appetite and instead of paying for ALL you can eat, this yogurt shop boasts paying for only WHAT you eat.

Yogo one frozen yogurt frontview
Yogo one frozen yogurt frontview.

It offers many varieties of yogurt that are changing all the time, all of which are able to be found daily on their facebook.  When I went in, everything was offered for the more fruity--both original and pomegranate tarts, mango sorbet, and cherry amaretto--and for the more decadent individual (like myself). I chose from the creamy and delicious red velvet cake, sinfully delicious dark chocolate, and the perfectly guilt-free cookies and cream. But don't get tied down by just one! The owner offers free samples to helper customers pick their favorite flavor.

one frozen yogurt flavours Yogo one frozen yogurt flavours.

Even if you can't choose--mix! I was thrilled to mix both cookies and cream and dark chocolate together complete with the best fresh toppings! Wait, I haven't mentioned the toppings?! Yogo Ono offers the freshest, juiciest sliced toppings for the fruitier sort; strawberries, bananas, kiwis, pineapples, blueberries, blackberries, and mango are all kept cool and fresh while you drool over your choices.

Of course I go with all of the richer options; crushed Oreos are the perfect complement for my cookies and cream yogurt, along with cookie dough, some heart marshmallows, granola, and Heath pieces. Scrumptious! But you aren't done. Make sure to give yourself a healthy dose of caramel or chocolate Ghiradelli sauces, creamy peanut butter, sugary sweet honey, or white chocolate as well.

one frozen yogurt toppings Yogo one frozen yogurt toppings.

Your last and final step before you get to enjoy your delicious dessert is to have it weighed. You're only going to be paying for exactly what you wanted; at only 39 cents an ounce most other desert joints don't even compare!

Mix and Match the Best Parts According to Your Taste:
  • Style:  Casual
  • Dress: They aren't picky!
  • Atmosphere: Cool and Modern
  • Price Range: 39 cents an ounce
  • Great For: Bring your date or your friends!
  • Specialties: All things sweet and tart!
  • Kids: You'll love it as much as they do!    
  • Vegetarians are welcome!
Creamy, melt-in-your-mouth yogurt and toppings to boot! Whether you're 6 or 60 you're going to love mixing gummy bears, fruity pebbles, cinnamon, walnuts, and gummy worms to your after-dinner treat!

one frozen yogurt interior
Yogo one frozen yogurt interior.

Yogo Ono
745 Chastain Rd. NW, Suite 3003
Kennesaw, GA 30144
ph: 770 795 9098

This Restaurant review is written by Lacey M

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