Deep-fried turkey in Atlanta for pickup

I'm thinking of cooking everything for Thanksgiving in my home just like I do every year, but I'm wanting to try something different. I always make the same food every year.

Are there any restaurants or businesses in Atlanta that make fried turkeys available for pickup on Thanksgiving? I've never had one and would love to try it out.


Asked at November 16 at 06 : 25 PM

Anita Gerrard

Thanksgiving food dinner Atlanta cooking home different fried turkey turkey pickup

1 Answers

My uncle told me about this place... I've never tried this place, but he says it's great. I don't know of any other places in Atlanta that sell them on Thanksgiving besides Popeye's.

Cajun Meat Co 
2207 Roswell Rd,
Marietta, GA 30062 
(770) 321-4300

Answered at November 18 at 04 : 41 AM

Johnathan Johnston

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